Grassi Medical Reimbursement Solutions is a 100% legal system that makes the entire reimbursement process more practical, fast and effective, we reduce bureaucracy by letting the only concern be patient care.

The idea arose due to a great need for clinics to accredit the agreements, being able to increase billing by up to 50% and guarantee at least 30% of new patients.

Thinking about it, the clinic does not have to worry, the whole process of requesting reimbursement, value management and bureaucracy are our responsibility!

Associated with Neuron’s marketing the results are amazing.

Steps that the receptionist should follow:

Step 1

Get the patient’s contact.

Step 2

Inform that you meet the agreement by the reimbursement system.

Step 3

Guide which method of reimbursement you will want.

Step 4

Pass the data to the Grassi Refund team.


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