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We are specialists in patient prospecting.

Medical marketing

Smart medical marketing sees people as they are: patients. 

We manage your Instagram

With the main objective of informing the client about relevant information.

Neuron Consulting

We plan, structure and perform business processes with internet entries. 

1249 Doctors Served

With experience in the market, serving throughout the country.

Get found on Google

With a team of Experts in Google ADS, your site will be found and well placed on the platform.

Managing 120+ Digital Media Accounts

Thinking together in the long run is how we carry out successful projects.


We have a team of 25 specialists from all areas necessary, to generate high performance strategies and content for you and your clinic.

Digital Marketing

Neuron HP Consulting

Production of photos and videos

Website construction and management

Google Ads and Ad Management

Ebook creation and production


Now we have a specialized studio for photos and videos!

Personalized Marketing

Be the reference

Who’s the doctor who makes the most?

Neuron HP

We are experts

Market experts

We are experts in the tools: Google AdWords, Instagram, Facebook and doctoralia. How much is the insecurity of not having a marketing company specialized in the medical field in your clinic?

Our customers

Some of the clinics and doctors who rely on our work:

Come to the team of the best

We are the largest medical marketing company in the Midwest

Nossa Atuação

Enlarge your patient portfolio.

The Medical Marketing Consultancy is differentiated, standardized, needs to generate excellent results, prospect new patients and retain the old ones. Thinking about it, Neuron is born, a company specialized in medical marketing.

We identify your potential audience


We create engagement strategies


We target personalized ads


We collect performance reports

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I just have to thank the whole team for having so much sensitivity and good taste !! Thank you very much, really, you guys are the maximum 😍😍👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

Dra Luciana Vascocelos

We really like the job, you guys were able to capture what we need.

We’re getting calls from people who check Instagram and want to tag

Clínica Sense

Sense Gynecology

Dra. Doris

Hexsel Clinic
Since the beginning of our company we have invested in marketing. But after some time we were not seeing results of the amounts that were invested. That’s when we met Neuron, a company that really showed us how a well-done marketing project works. Since we started working together we have greatly increased our social media followers and their interactivity with us. In addition, we have the help of a very helpful team that always, regardless of the moment, that serves us and solves whatever it takes. Most importantly, we feel that we have with us a team that wears the shirt of our company and always helps us, giving tips on how to grow and how to achieve our goals. We are very pleased with Neuron’s work and we indicate it to everyone!

Dra Marina Cirqueira

I am very satisfied with the art, patients are looking through the boosts you have made of google. We set out with a good clinical flow.


Cerebral Aneurysm Center